magped ENDURO

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A Pair of magped ENDURO pedals

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magped ENDURO pedals

  • CNC crafted from one aluminium block
  • Pin’s are screwed “inside out”
  • reinforced spindle for even higher loads
  • Weight per pair (without pin’s):
    • ENDURO 150: 490g
    • ENDURO 200: 530g


  • A Pair magped ENDURO pedals (L+R)
  • Magnets
  • Metallic plates for SPD shoes
  • Magnetic plate screws in 2 lengths
  • Allen key
  • 32x 9mm and 16x 11mm steel pin’s

We recommend SPD shoes with a fine to a medium coarse tread.

magnet size recommendation:

  • 150N for biker up to 80 kg
  • 200N for biker >75 kg

Dimensions: length=107mm width=97mm height=16mm

41 reviews for magped ENDURO

  1. Joe (verified owner)

    Great idea, executed well. Pedals do take some fiddling to get the fit just right, but once you have it set correctly, they work well.
    Would like to have a few more studs (screws) provided in the package.

  2. Peter Wolf (verified owner)

    Not really your fault, but my shoes (Sidi Dominator Mega 7) do not work well with your flat pedal. I am also unable to buy wide flat bike shoes. However, the magnet works well

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    they didn’t work for me but the pedals are a quality product.

  4. Alex Jackson (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal product. I’m beyond impressed and how well these pedals perform on extreme DH trails. I’ve beaten the living crap out of these pedals, and am a bigger dude (270lbs), I’d swear by these pedals to anyone.

  5. Barry Carnes (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product and the service. If you are looking for a happy middle between flats and clips, look no further. Follow the suggestion for magnet size based on your weight!

  6. Brenda R. (verified owner)

    Great product! Awesome customer service! They reply to my emails extremely fast. I Also received this product fast. Have had them for about 3 months now, no problems.

  7. Bilkis (verified owner)

    Love these magpeds!

  8. Rommel M. (verified owner)

    Communication is great

  9. Wilberto A. (verified owner)

    This pedals are great, easy to “clip on” and easy to get your foot out on demand. I have never found an instance where I haven’t been able to take off my foot from the pedal and regain control of the bike o prevent a fall. In addition, the magnet is strong and your foot just won’t slip or disconnect from the pedal while riding. I hit a rock with one pedal the other day and stop thinking something broke. Nah! just a scratch! Kept riding the trail without worries.

  10. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    These pedals are fit for purpose in a niche between flats and clipless. I have been riding the Magped pedal for a months (more than 10 rides) before that, I have been riding clipped in for 16 years. This February I took a hard fall and broke my hip – broke off the femoral head and broke the femur. I now have a titanium rod running the length of my femur and a bunch of other hardware. The Dr strongly recommended that I do not clip in and he believed it contributed to the severity of the damage. Therefore I tried flats and have now switched to Magpeds. Although I weigh 150 pds I went for the stronger set to accommodate my style of riding.

    Also I am a registered Professional Engineer. The quality of the Magpeds is very good – the only reason for the 4 versus a five is that they are quite finicky to set up and dial in. It would be helpful to have more pins and include wedged shims to help tune the angle of the steel plates attached to your shoes. I have used double sided tape, which works quite well.

    Over all I am more than satisfied and would highly recommend for people looking for something between flats and clipless.

  11. Leonard (verified owner)

    This is a great alternative for anyone reluctant to use clipless pedals (like me). The MagPed Enduro is great. It releases easily with any natural leg movement that you would have in an emergency, and yet provides enough attachment force to keep your shoe firmly attached to the pedal while riding. No training needed, it just works! Although I am a 180# guy, I chose the 150N version out of caution and for safety reasons. However, having now used the 150N, I feel I could have also been satisfied with the 200N version. But I am sufficiently satisfied with the 150N that I have no interest in changing.

  12. Carolina Paredes HMoya (verified owner)

  13. John B. (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the Enduro pedals. They made quite a difference.

  14. Mario Gondola (verified owner)

  15. Stephen Oliver (verified owner)

  16. Isaac Duran (verified owner)

    Great pedals

  17. Frank s. (verified owner)

    Love the pedals this is my second set. Wish they came with the green pins though. Bent my last set was hoping to get a replacement part but never received an email back so picked up another pair.

    • Rick Hopp (store manager)

      Frank, I must have missed your email bout a part. Please contact Rick at Magped at

  18. Elizabeth B. (verified owner)

    It wasn’t difficult to adjust from clipless pedals to this ones… felt safe

  19. david shea (verified owner)

    I really like the pedals so far. The only thing I was bummed about was that the directions said you were including an additional set of washers for cleats that gave a deep setting. I didn’t receive those.

    • Rick Hopp (store manager)

      Hi David, thank you for your review and also letting me know about the extra spacer set. We have now moved to a thicker 3 mm spacer from the former 2mm spacer and do not provide the extra spacer anymore. I’ll have to correct the instruction sheet to reflect the update. If you need an extra set of spacers please let me know and I will get you a pair in the mail.


  20. Ricky P. (verified owner)

    Nice looking pedals. Top notch costumer service . Had a small piece missing when delivered. Emailed and had a response within minutes. Sent missing piece and some extra stuff for their mistake. Lots of business could learn from the guys . Top notch .rode my pedals today and felt very attached to my bike. Not hard to get free from them when i need to . Good alternative to clips.

  21. Karl V. (verified owner)

    Never had clips before and the
    Magped are a great introduction. Would highly recommend them for all levels of riding. Currently I have them on an Evil Wreckoning and Chromag Rootdown. 👌

  22. Philippe Legault (verified owner)

  23. Jacqueline Gikow (verified owner)


  24. Ashlee (verified owner)

    We were looking for a solution for our seven year old daughter, who rides with a prosthetic leg. She loves these pedals and is able to safely and quickly “clip” on and off her pedals, and gets enough added power to be able to pull up and through on her pedal strokes with her better leg. After seeing her on the trails, several other family members have ordered sets of these pedals and love them also! My sister loves her set that she uses instead of traditional clipless pedals, now that she has a child seat attachment on her bike. Her pedals give her better cycling than plain platform pedals, but are safer than her clipless pedals she used to ride with. Thanks so much!

    • Rick Hopp (store manager)

      I am very happy that the pedals worked for your daughter Ashlee! Good riding all…..Rick

  25. John K. (verified owner)

    I have ridden flat pedals forever and have seen too many friends fall over on clipless. I thought these would be a good in-between. I must say that I LOVE these pedals. I’m still able to adjust my feet on the fly, but my feet also don’t come off the pedals on jumps, drops and rocky tech. I feel more confident and pinned on these pedals. The platform is big and there are lots of holes to install pins – and in different configurations if you want. Great work!

  26. Tim Byrnes (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. I haven’t tried them out yet but they have a good design and appear to be well fabricated

  27. Nestor Jr. Co (verified owner)

    Trying it for a week now, and have enjoyed doing the upstroking now! Setting the pins were kind of confusing at first, but I do get the idea of customizing one’s setup. 200N magnets on both sides are grabby, but it does take a learning curve to familiarize muscle memory.

    Thanks for the special pricing too! I made a video of the unboxing and first impressions of it:

  28. Blaine F. (verified owner)

    Thoroughly digging these pedals. Solid engineering, design, construction, a damn fine product overall. All the benefits and efficiencies of clips/power straps without the worry of a patella pulverizing topple at the next stop.
    I’m enjoying these pedals so much I’d gladly lay down good money for a MagPed retro-fit kit (I have a Dahon Cadenza with quick release pedals I’d LOVE to give the MagPed treatment to).

  29. Frank (verified owner)

    Purchased the pedals, I later found out that I had ordered the wrong magnet size. They were able to sort out the issue within minutes of me reaching out to them. That is what I call customer service. I cannot wait to try out my new pedals! Highly recommend them!!!

  30. Evan M. (verified owner)

    Awesome pedal with great grip with and without “clipping” in. Watch your shins should you slip!! They’re awesome

  31. Mike K. (verified owner)

  32. Gottfried (verified owner)

    I usually don’t comment on purchases but the results from these pedals were nothing short of incredible for my son. His MTB skills are decent but many times he falls short making climbs and obstacles due to slipping off his pedals which were quality shimano flats. His very first time out on these was nothing short of amazing our ride went from the usual me leading and waiting on him to him leading the way and making many climbs and obstacles he has never made before. I got him Giro Chamber II Mens Downhill Cycling Shoes. Worked great with the inserts.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I would review it but I haven’t received it

  34. Guillermo Herrera (verified owner)

    Was hoping magnets would be a bit strong foot comes off alot even with adjusting the metal plates and footing

  35. Abner (verified owner)

    Just rode it once today and im still in a adjusting mode I dont know maybe my setup but sometime it releases my foot from the pedals doin techy uphills and also i found it easy to disengage when you need too.

  36. Chris Lott (verified owner)

    Never recieved my package from DHL. Dealing with them trying locate the package instead of riding on my day off, so im not too stoked at the moment.

    • Rick Hopp (store manager)

      Hi Chris, I checked the DHL tracking and it shows your pedals were shipped on the 17th and were delivered today. Typical delivery time form our location to anywhere in the USA is 4 Business Days. I will talk to DHL but I suspect it got delayed due to our holiday up here in Canada.

  37. Fernando D. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, product testing

  38. Luis N. (verified owner)

    Recomended for running all mountain and enduro bike. Best grip in the road and secured for jump.

  39. Dennis Artrip (verified owner)

    I rode these pedals and found the rearward magnetic location awkward. I like my foot farther forward to allow more shoe contact.

    So since I’m not normal, just discarding or returning the pedals wasn’t how I solve problems. I removed the pedals from the spindles and swapped them from side to side. Problem solved and another satisfied customer. This should be worth a free t-shirt, decal or a least an attaboy. Don’t t bother to tell me I voided the warranty. Warrantys don’t mean much these days anyway.

    • Rick Hopp (store manager)

      Brilliant Dennis! And the warranty is still in effect for one year……Attaboy!

    • Rick Hopp (store manager)

      Warranty is still good Dennis. I like your innovation….Attaboy!

  40. Erick Guerrero (verified owner)

    Excellent item!

  41. Mark F. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Magped Enduro peddles for almost 2 years now. Previous to MTBing I always clipped-in on my road bikes. 2 1/2 years ago I had a stroke which comprised the left side of my body. I was unable to disconnect from a clip-less peddle.

    Since I reside at the base of a mountain with numerous trails, and was able to ride again, I decided to switch to eMTB. (Game changer with all the thrills). However my left foot would bounce off the peddle at the worst moment while using flats. I needed some kind of engagement without the worry of disengagement when I wanted.

    I sat a my coffee table and designed a magnetic peddle/shoe system …then decided to use google…found Magpeds. (Funny moment). The Enduro Magpeds looked like the answer …and they were.

    After I received the these Enduro Magpeds I gave them a try on our local trails. After a few kilometres, a number of drops and a steep rock garden, I had no accidental disconnecting. When I wanted to re-engage, an audible snap/click told me that my left foot was engaged. Without looking down at my left foot I can re-engage on the fly. No more stopping. My foot positions itself correctly on the peddle.

    After several thousand km on our local MTB trails …these are the answer. Other riders wonder and some realize that these peddles may work for them. They work for me …game changer.
    Btw, Rick at Magped has been very helpful. (Thumbs-up).

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