magped ULTRA2

A pair of magped ULTRA2 pedals

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magped ULTRA2 pedals

  • CNC crafted from one Magnesium block
  • Axle caps in black, orange, green and pink
  • Titanium spindle
  • Weight per pair (including pins):
    • ULTRA 150: 320g
    • ULTRA 200: 328g

We recommend SPD shoes with a fine to a medium coarse tread.


  • A Pair magped ULTRA pedals (L+R)
  • Magnets
  • Metalic plates for SPD shoes
  • POSITIONING plates
  • Magnetic screws in 2 lengths
  • Allen key

magnet size recommendation:

  • 150N for biker up to 80 kg
  • 200N for biker >75 kg

Dimensions: length=109mm width=85mm height=17mm


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