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A pair of neodymium magnets

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A pair of neodymium magnets

magnet size recommendation:

  • 100N for biker <65 kg
  • 150N for biker 65-90 kg
  • 200N for biker >75 kg and ENDURO

7 reviews for replacement magnets

  1. James Hill (verified owner)

    Nice service thank you

  2. Alec Burgess (verified owner)

  3. Stephen Oliver (verified owner)

  4. Rick Hopp (store manager)

    Your magnets will be delivered tomorrow Benedicto. It takes at least 10-14 days to get to Puerto Rico from Canada and it really slows down once the parcel is handed off to the US Postal Service.

  5. Peter Stuart (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and excellent communication updates.

  6. Bruno Jacques (verified owner)

  7. John W. (verified owner)

    If want to make attachment to pedals looser or tighter just change to a weaker or stronger magnet. I started with the 200N magnets which I found too strong for my recumbent bike. Very hard to detach from pedals. Changed to the 150N magnet and it was easier to detach from pedals. I believe on the recumbent that the 100N magnet may have even been better. I could see MTB riders that are riding on rugged trails with jumps would want a stronger magnet.

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